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Alex Dowie Wood (@alexdowiewood)
alexdowiewood14:28 18.09.17

I hope your family didn't get injured

Irancell (@irancell._.rayegan)
irancell._.rayegan15:51 18.09.17


Big Bill Nye (@le_peepee)
le_peepee16:12 18.09.17

I know this is a serious topic and I thank you for lending your voice. But damn, I'm loving that dad beard.

Bluejay.9 (@bluejay.9)
bluejay.916:24 18.09.17

This proves that he is old

Harvey C (@harvmaster11)
harvmaster1116:25 18.09.17


Harvey C (@harvmaster11)
harvmaster1116:27 18.09.17

That was kinda mean cause all this must of been devastating for him

Zakary Highfill (@zakaryhighfill)
zakaryhighfill16:29 18.09.17

I wish i could help

mohammad-didevar (@mohammadd4954)
mohammadd495416:32 18.09.17


Belkis_sofia y victtoria (@belkisavendano)
belkisavendano16:32 18.09.17


Rocky Mohan Yadav (@ydvrcky)
ydvrcky17:12 18.09.17

Where to donate

james.johnson (@james.johnson6884)
james.johnson688417:19 18.09.17

I know right

موق،الرشيدي (@mwqlrshydy)
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its andrew (@andrewcyhill123)
andrewcyhill12317:32 18.09.17

I'm sorry that I did that my names andrew so I'm sorry

Lany M. (@sunshowering)
sunshowering17:36 18.09.17

Rock me daddy

hamed.bahrani (@hamed.bahrani.official)


Big red star (@starbigred)
starbigred18:11 18.09.17

Best friend

Hillary Villa (@hillaryvilla8)
hillaryvilla819:04 18.09.17

I love this! Thank you for taking the time to share and spread the word! Love these photos! I only wish I could be there to help!

Smiling Tiger Dojo (@smilingtigerdojo)
smilingtigerdojo20:07 18.09.17


✞Philippians 4:13✞ (@no0nelike3rika)
no0nelike3rika20:11 18.09.17


📷 art & fashion photographer (@olegchumovoy)
olegchumovoy20:22 18.09.17


Sn (@sn__nel)
sn__nel21:32 18.09.17

Dad how do I get to email you please

Chloe (@coolgirl20651)
coolgirl2065121:33 18.09.17

Sorry for your lost

Adam Post (@semi_technical)
semi_technical21:49 18.09.17

Looking mighty presidential.. Rock 2020!

Andrew Salas (@andrew_salas22)
andrew_salas2223:16 18.09.17

His eyes look like snake eyes

Deacon Stylz (@deaconstylz)
deaconstylz23:50 18.09.17

Parts of Texas and Louisiana getting hit with flood rains ,and high winds also sweep away houses making those with no much money become equal with homeless ones.

Arman (@armanshreddednaz)
armanshreddednaz00:28 19.09.17

@emantallia  Ty Emmanuel Talia

Mina (@itz._mina)
itz._mina01:30 19.09.17


Ĺółłipòp Kʌmııŋʌ (@lollipop_kamina)
lollipop_kamina02:19 19.09.17


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Alex Yam (@rooster808)
rooster80804:11 19.09.17


Alex Yam (@rooster808)
rooster80804:12 19.09.17

What about Houston?

🇦 🇰 🇦 🇸 🇭 (@___black___hawk___)
___black___hawk___04:17 19.09.17


Angelina (@angelchirakh)
angelchirakh04:39 19.09.17

Hey 💁🏻you are reading so obviously 🙄 😍😍😍

parhamdelavari05:04 19.09.17

To the Rock who's your best friend in wwe

Obour Shadrack (@shadrackj80_obour)
shadrackj80_obour05:26 19.09.17

U are so fantastic

Success Vitamins (@successvitamins)
successvitamins06:24 19.09.17

So cool

Liz Figueroa (@wsfigl)
wsfigl06:45 19.09.17

Rock you just ROCK as a human being!!😍😍

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Hello Rock

Akmaljon  Kudratov (@akmaljon.kudratov)
akmaljon.kudratov07:02 19.09.17

You musculist

Lakhan Dhiman 👌 (@dhiman.lakhan)
dhiman.lakhan08:14 19.09.17


uji (@ujijiee)
ujijiee08:15 19.09.17


Kapal Kapil (@kapalkapil)
kapalkapil08:18 19.09.17

Rilij deta

Naki (@jonesdj203)
jonesdj20308:26 19.09.17


humano (@humanofitness)
humanofitness08:35 19.09.17

Don't worry. Your president says that there's no climate change......

RAISSA JOTA LIN DA SILVA (@raissajotalinda)
raissajotalinda08:35 19.09.17


ritaj sameh (@roro__sameh)
roro__sameh10:29 19.09.17

The rock

♈MadMoney💸 (@sensai.mad_money)
sensai.mad_money10:54 19.09.17

God bless you 🙏🏽🙏🏽 thank u💯💯

Dorothy Udayakumar (@windwillow67)
windwillow6711:18 19.09.17

So sad 🙏🏽

Tobi Vesper (@txbi_____)
txbi_____11:39 19.09.17


Rahmatulla Aminbaev (@rahmatullaaminbaev)
rahmatullaaminbaev12:12 19.09.17


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bogdan29030312:20 19.09.17


🌊Hutch 🌊 (@hutch_the_hutcher)
hutch_the_hutcher13:34 19.09.17

Lookin like idris Elba

ali mesgara (@ali_mesgara)
ali_mesgara13:36 19.09.17

i hope everyone ok 😱😱

Doruk Mutaf (@dorukmutaf)
dorukmutaf15:55 19.09.17


Miro Mate (@myr_o)
myr_o16:10 19.09.17

absolutely PRESIDENT material ✌️❤@therock 

Dylan.Vogtherr (@dylan.vogtherr)
dylan.vogtherr16:25 19.09.17


Dylan.Vogtherr (@dylan.vogtherr)
dylan.vogtherr16:25 19.09.17

We love you Florida

Andrea Grimaldi (@andiegrimaldi)
andiegrimaldi16:30 19.09.17

I've just come around to watching this since I've been w/o power for over a week in Orlando, Fl due to Hurricane Irma. I was in a shelter with my family as it was happening but it's something that I will never forget. These past couple of days have been weird and full of life lessons. Never take anything or anyone for granted. You're words really hit home and you can't imagine how much I appreciate them. Thank you. 🙏🏼

СладкийУпырь (@sladkiiupqr)
sladkiiupqr16:40 19.09.17

I will say only one thing - Stay Strong, Dwayne.

Naji Albatlee (@naijea)
naijea16:46 19.09.17


Anna Hawley (@hawley_anna)
hawley_anna17:19 19.09.17

Stay strong and have faith

daniela  maria (@danielamaria6327)
danielamaria632717:56 19.09.17

Luan santama

Typical_Guy (@storyofintelligents101)


DanielDunn (@danieldunn.djd07)
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Berry Williamz (@famous_glock45)
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Real talk love your work bro #respect 

#dreamboy (@dreamboy156)
dreamboy15622:10 19.09.17

God bless them

Trinath Barik (@beingtrinath)
beingtrinath23:10 19.09.17

Have a great idea

chelsea (@chelsealer)
chelsealer23:22 19.09.17


Leyla Nur Fener (@leylanurfener)
leylanurfener01:54 20.09.17

#respect  🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

سامي هاشم خواجه (@smyhshmkhwjh)
smyhshmkhwjh02:40 20.09.17

good yas

R Jason Norman (@r._jason_norman)
r._jason_norman02:43 20.09.17

This was also the hurricane that caused evasive reptile species in Florida such as Burmese python, iguanas, and tegus.

fanypaloantonio (@fanypaloantonio1)
fanypaloantonio104:30 20.09.17


Kristina Jarvis☝ (@prettylilrebel)
prettylilrebel04:54 20.09.17

@dwaynejohnsontherock1  😐😐 you're not the Rock nice try

Kristina Jarvis☝ (@prettylilrebel)
prettylilrebel04:55 20.09.17

@humanofitness  did he 😐 really.

Sergey_Grafov (@sergey_grafov)
sergey_grafov05:33 20.09.17

Крепитесь 💪🏻

maria tsez (@last_savage_left)
last_savage_left06:58 20.09.17


lauadit07:12 20.09.17


balu sonwane (@balusonwane143143)
balusonwane14314308:09 20.09.17

OK sir

Dwayne Johnson ( The Rock ) (@dwaynejohnsontherock1)
dwaynejohnsontherock108:17 20.09.17

Thank you for your support towards my project. God bless you all

Jessy Perez (@scarlotmoon)
scarlotmoon08:53 20.09.17

You the best thank you so much,I'm from Puerto Rico living in Pennsylvania right now is very important the we stay together in prayers.

Lee Palmer (@palmeristo89)
palmeristo8911:18 20.09.17

Shame it always takes destruction to bring us together.

Nikki Gomez (@nggomez2007)
nggomez200711:53 20.09.17

Thank you for those words! We are here in Jacksonville and some of the flooding left many without homes. We have come together as a community! We always will!

ॐ Nati (@nati_nat23)
nati_nat2312:07 20.09.17

I know this is random but my family is in Puerto Rico right now and with this hurricane I'm very worried for them and I haven't heard from My dad since last night I pray he's okay and the reason why I'm writing to you is because me and my dad love you since you were wrestling to your first movie and I just want you to say a prayer for everyone there I can't stop crying I live in Tampa Florida and I was just in Puerto Rico in July and that's my island and I know how you are about Hawaii.

ॐ Nati (@nati_nat23)
nati_nat2312:07 20.09.17

Please send them prayers I wish I could be there with them but I'm not and I just want all my family to be okay

ॐ Nati (@nati_nat23)
nati_nat2312:07 20.09.17

I got a text from my cousins there roof blew off and there windows have blown in and there hiding in a closet I just need prayers for them and everyone on my island I just want them to be safe

karmenmckenzie (@karmenmckenzie5242)
karmenmckenzie524212:27 20.09.17

Awwww olny Saturday

#سجاد کبیر (@kabyr2000)
kabyr200014:03 20.09.17


G.O.A.T (@_____goat)
_____goat14:21 20.09.17


Sara (@the_ninga_dog)
the_ninga_dog14:31 20.09.17

You are sooooooooooooo cool I wish but I wish I could meet you 😔

Sara (@the_ninga_dog)
the_ninga_dog14:33 20.09.17

I'm soooo sorry for what happened to your family and I hope your not sad about it 😊

Sara (@the_ninga_dog)
the_ninga_dog14:37 20.09.17

I wish I could give $10000000000000000000000000000000 but I can't I only have $500 and I'm going to give that to you

samaneh &yazdan💑 (@samanehganei)
samanehganei15:18 20.09.17


Doruk Mutaf (@dorukmutaf)
dorukmutaf16:20 20.09.17


Kenneth Barnhill (@kingofisrael21)
kingofisrael2117:24 20.09.17

Nice tie...👌😘

Still Hoping (@christian_bidhan847)
christian_bidhan84718:16 20.09.17

Praying for you my Inspiration

🇮🇷AMiR YaSeMAN🇮🇷 (@am8ir_yas)
am8ir_yas18:22 20.09.17

Anthony (@adarkwah14)
adarkwah1418:41 20.09.17

That sad

Mirza😎 (@itz_mirza_here)
itz_mirza_here22:06 20.09.17


Cornelius (@speedboss135)
speedboss13522:32 20.09.17


ned (@wardell1414)
wardell141422:56 20.09.17

Very true I was there too

ShadowWolf (@shadowwolf8738)
shadowwolf873823:02 20.09.17

💔😢😢💔much love to those lost

Katie Suarez (@kat_suarez816)
kat_suarez81623:09 20.09.17


spam livia (@zestyolivia)
zestyolivia23:13 20.09.17

My dad lived through Hurricane Andrew as well. He said that it was so traumatising, he decided to move to the middle of the country so that he would never have to face the devastation of a hurricane ever again. That's why I'm here today, he moved to Oklahoma and met my mom. Sometimes beautiful things can come out of terrible tragedies! Never give up hope!

CorrUpted (@real_corruptedyt)
real_corruptedyt00:15 21.09.17


CorrUpted (@real_corruptedyt)
real_corruptedyt00:15 21.09.17


CorrUpted (@real_corruptedyt)
real_corruptedyt00:15 21.09.17


CorrUpted (@real_corruptedyt)
real_corruptedyt00:16 21.09.17


Kaitlin Marie (@kaitlinmariemusic)
kaitlinmariemusic00:55 21.09.17


Debbie Priscilla Mireles (@debbie_purple2)
debbie_purple201:20 21.09.17


Денис (@denjozzy)
denjozzy01:41 21.09.17

Rock you so humane and compassionate😌👍☺

We just do it!😁 (@_sierra_dequale_)
_sierra_dequale_03:44 21.09.17


🌴Ryan_Lay💦 (@ryan_lay_420)
ryan_lay_42004:15 21.09.17


Doruk Mutaf (@dorukmutaf)
dorukmutaf05:19 21.09.17


Tylin Lilly (@tygefit)
tygefit07:14 21.09.17

Hey great page!

Артем Кулагин (@rpeka_pyky_paky)
rpeka_pyky_paky07:19 21.09.17


Harfinsha Assiddiqie (@harfinshaaftha)
harfinshaaftha08:15 21.09.17

That's a warning from god to america, that america has to be a better america, america without racism america without criminals, but how to make it happen? It will happen cuz god made people to be kind just the person will make themself bad, etc.

Amy Diane Quillin (@dianeq48)
dianeq4809:55 21.09.17

God bless America

Kushal Jangid (@7n.kushal)
7n.kushal10:02 21.09.17

new way for America

zane mckee (@the_real_zanemckee)
the_real_zanemckee10:02 21.09.17

We do realise this 🙏 is a hi five so you are hi fiving to other people's misery

Christy Ruiz 🌺 (@mommy_ruiz)
mommy_ruiz10:23 21.09.17

Thank you from central Florida!

Reed Swanson (@reed_swanson)
reed_swanson11:25 21.09.17

Chills Mann..

送葬者 (@zodiacxu)
zodiacxu11:36 21.09.17


Nuvinka Jay (@nuvinkajay)
nuvinkajay11:59 21.09.17


Fatima Amorim (@fatimaamorim12)
fatimaamorim1212:08 21.09.17


Costas Calamakis (@costascalamakis)
costascalamakis13:13 21.09.17

Next USA president

adamiscool2413:18 21.09.17

My heart goes out to all the affected families in this devastating hurricane as well as yours @therock  everyone stay safe and unite as one :)

game lover (@bikiraj7)
bikiraj714:19 21.09.17

God bless you everyone

game lover (@bikiraj7)
bikiraj714:28 21.09.17

I have nothing to gave but I can do one thing that is I pray for everyone who ever survive the hurricane 🙏

Luke_bann💎💎 (@lbann11)
lbann1115:09 21.09.17

Stay safe 💎💪👍🙏🙏

Summer Myers (@beauty2hisbeast)
beauty2hisbeast15:25 21.09.17

I know you might not see this but please pray for Puerto Rico 🇵🇷 and the islands :( no power and communication is down ><

Charmaine (@masayoikebe53)
masayoikebe5316:08 21.09.17

Our family was very lucky here in Fort Myers

Xavier Chmielewski (@g.i.x3023)
g.i.x302317:05 21.09.17


Digz Punkstar (@digz_punkstar)
digz_punkstar17:26 21.09.17

Today you have said something really serious & heart touching..... 👍👍

Joe Coulson🔥🥊💯 (@j.couls)
j.couls17:58 21.09.17

Respect 👌👌👌👍👍👍👍🙏🙏🙏

Aram Shamsadin (@aram_sh_xaylani)
aram_sh_xaylani18:01 21.09.17

Hey the rock I wanna you say something about ref random of KURDISTAN and thanks

Rose Myrlène Mallebranche (@rosemyrlenemallebranche)


Damon (@anime_is_the_best_224315)

You help so many people and I hope you keep that up man

Jeannie Guariano-Brownell (@mamabrownell)
mamabrownell21:16 21.09.17


Angel perez (@angelperez7412)
angelperez741221:25 21.09.17


hollywood93c23:56 21.09.17

Your a real hero Rock👍

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