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Jade Meja Wilson – I have Faith. |Cjh ❤️|
I'm sorry for the times I let you go. - Jade Meja Wilson (@shrimpling)
gxnzalez_.4523:08 03.06.2015


Lorie (@lorie.amcx_)
lorie.amcx_23:09 03.06.2015

Caption: When you enjoying your but then see your ex.

lindsey (@lindseysjames)
lindseysjames23:09 03.06.2015

you are so beautiful and don't let any haters bring you down they are just jealous of how beautiful and perfect you are and you are the best teenage singer I've ever heard I the world and maybe in my life💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖

Jade Diana (@jade_diana)
jade_diana23:12 03.06.2015

R u and Reece together again cause he's ur profile photo ..???...

Kim (@kimberlyfloress)
kimberlyfloress23:13 03.06.2015

You look sun burnt 😂❤️😍

Jade Diana (@jade_diana)
jade_diana23:13 03.06.2015

and ur in his profile photo also ??? what the Heck!??!!!! tell us!?!!!!!

tarrrah23:14 03.06.2015

Omfg , how can you be more perfect 😭💗

chloe ❤︎ (@thechloeelisabethh)
thechloeelisabethh23:15 03.06.2015


Sharon ✨ (@sharonx05)
sharonx0523:18 03.06.2015


💮🎟🍄🎎🍯🔆🥒♻️🌀🕉🔮 (@alyssarau)
alyssarau23:22 03.06.2015


Larek Riley (@larekriley)
larekriley23:23 03.06.2015

Jade, you're perfect

abeer ktaifan (@abeer_ammar1)
abeer_ammar101:22 04.06.2015

Love u to the moon and back ❤ ❤

Madison Pierce (@maddyy_1o1)
maddyy_1o101:27 04.06.2015


ruby (@rubyy.irene)
rubyy.irene01:27 04.06.2015

@jade_diana she doesn't need to tell you anything okay. Why does who she is or not it dating concern you anyway?!?! Please mind your own business.

abeer ktaifan (@abeer_ammar1)
abeer_ammar101:42 04.06.2015

Jade did I read my comment on that picture plz replay to me ilysm ❤

Jade Diana (@jade_diana)
jade_diana11:01 04.06.2015

Lol @ruby.Arizona she's one of my frimda. I've been her friend since before she was popular on the internet so u can hop off lmao

Emily (@emiilybelle)
emiilybelle20:10 04.06.2015

Your such a good singer and your really pretty I'm jealous

12/26/15❤ (@shrimplingy)
shrimplingy12:05 05.06.2015

Oooohh Jade😍😍😍😂😂😂😂❤💕

dy'anna Jean (@dyxnh)
dyxnh21:08 05.06.2015

Aye what's your snapchat ?

jade meja wilson (@shrimpling1)
shrimpling116:40 10.06.2015

Woah 😍💌💟

God First💫😊💟❤🆗❗ (@d.xmplez)
d.xmplez21:34 12.06.2015


lady kissha (@kisshaapadillaa)
kisshaapadillaa22:44 18.06.2015

Woah hot af 😍💘

meg c💓 (@megan.xoxo.13)
megan.xoxo.1319:36 29.06.2015

everything you do is goals😨💘

Kaylin Alexis Peters🔥💦👊 (@kaylin110)
kaylin11021:11 25.07.2015

Jade you are beautiful... Don't let anyone tell you different.. Im a huge fan of your music and im really glad I found you on Youtube

jackie.jewel00:06 30.07.2015

Model status😍😍

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