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Jade Meja Wilson – I have Faith. |Cjh ❤️|
Don't let anyone change the person you truly are.... Do what makes you happy even if people think it's strange. - Jade Meja Wilson (@shrimpling)
✧❥Elysia❥✧ (@elysia.martinez)
elysia.martinez00:28 03.06.2015


AJ (@_ajade._)
_ajade._00:43 03.06.2015

Can I ask you. What app do you use for your YouTube videos @shrimpling

abeer ktaifan (@abeer_ammar1)
abeer_ammar101:41 03.06.2015

Oh love u ,u r amazing ❤❤❤❤❤

ruby (@rubyy.irene)
rubyy.irene02:26 03.06.2015


jazmyne garcia . 🤦🏽‍♀️🥀 (@iight.jazmyne)
iight.jazmyne07:41 03.06.2015

😍😍😍😍😍 no emojis can express my feelings for you and how much I love you 😂😍

Shrimpling7 (@shrimpling7)
shrimpling714:24 03.06.2015

I love u to the moon and back ❤ ❤ ❤

Congrats Your A Angle👼✨ (@5quad_is_life__)
5quad_is_life__15:54 03.06.2015

I love you to Jupiter and back😍😍✨❤️That's the farthest it can go

{ sskkylaaarrrr 🐸☕️ } (@skylarvella)
skylarvella15:58 03.06.2015

Jade you truly an a inspiration for me my love is huge for u its weird but I love u more than I love my own mom😂😂💗💗💗💗

Julia Thigpen (@julia_sings_t)
julia_sings_t16:22 03.06.2015

Please like my singing video😃 @shrimpling

BLG (@baolg24)
baolg2421:31 03.06.2015

Can I swim there

BLG (@baolg24)
baolg2421:31 03.06.2015

Hello Wilson I want to swim there

ari boca (@beingbabyarig)
beingbabyarig22:17 03.06.2015

What is that remix called, the one where u had that teeth thing in ur mouth on ur snapchat story

memes and stuff🌚 (@ohshitwadup)
ohshitwadup18:16 05.06.2015

Hey jade can you pls follow me

k/a ♡ (@rilee.maee)
rilee.maee00:47 06.06.2015

Open dm please jade

rubyajoness01:32 03.07.2015

@kortlyn_cook I think that looks exactly like your pool 😳😂

rubyajoness01:33 03.07.2015

like freakin that's creepy😂😂😂 @kortlyn_cook

heidi (@heidiruse)
heidiruse01:09 29.08.2015

@arianna.olini Christofer and oleyver😂🙌

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