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Jade Meja Wilson – I have Faith. |Cjh ❤️|
😚✨ (@anna.braxton)
anna.braxton18:10 07.06.2015

You're voice fits this song perfectly😍 damn I can't wait till you hit it huge😩💕 I love you😘

jmccave_3219:59 07.06.2015

Damn u hot girl like i need dim digits

its vicc (@bby.vic)
bby.vic01:55 08.06.2015

I can't wait to hear you on the radio😩😩❤😍😘

jmccave_3212:47 08.06.2015

Its called a FUCKIN joke, so u can shut the fuck up @um.im.alyssa

jmccave_3212:49 08.06.2015

And so what if i say she hot. Cuz she is. Its not like im a fuckin pedophile.

jmccave_3219:28 08.06.2015

First of all im fuckin 14 years old so shut up

jmccave_3220:46 08.06.2015

How much u wanna fuckin bet ass wipe @alexx.hpe

jmccave_3220:54 08.06.2015

Y dufuq do u even care wut i say

jmccave_3222:51 08.06.2015

So wut popularity isnt everything @um.im.alyssa. and atleast im not following 1000 more people than tht r following myself @um.im.alyssa

jmccave_3222:53 08.06.2015

And idc if u think im fuckin 5 years old. Cuz im not so fuck both of. And i wilk keep sayin tht, tht girl is beautiful cuz she is and who the fuck cares if i say she is @alexx.hpe

jmccave_3222:56 08.06.2015

U 2 need to mind ur own fuckin business. Cuz im not actin like im cool

jmccave_3223:03 08.06.2015

And im not fuckin 5 years old so both of u SHUT THE FUCK UP

jmccave_3223:04 08.06.2015

Oh ya how do u know wut time it is where i live

jmccave_3223:07 08.06.2015

Ohh sure cuz im 5. Then wut r u 50

Alyssa✨ (@yo.im.alyssa)
yo.im.alyssa23:21 08.06.2015

Maybe bc I told you to😂✊🏼 @ohkaysakera

7/19/16 🤒💋 (@babyy.shannon)
babyy.shannon03:07 09.06.2015

Keep this 😍😍😍😫

jmccave_3208:49 09.06.2015

Im still gonna say she has a good voice. And she beautiful

a hoppe✌🏼☀️🌺 (@alexxhoppe_)
alexxhoppe_16:37 09.06.2015

@dochman_13 okay honestly fine, I'm sorry, I was a bitch and got into something i shouldn't have, but your right she is beautiful just how you said it was creepy that was the point I was trying to make but I was a bitch about it and I'm sorry, happy?

jmccave_3216:43 09.06.2015

Yup i accept ur apology @alexx.hpe

alannacorpuz20:42 09.06.2015

you look like Serena from gg here, ur beautiful

zo💖 (@zoeyymadison)
zoeyymadison03:45 10.06.2015

I hope you know you are AMAZING

Lesly💕 (@leslyg_21)
leslyg_2119:03 10.06.2015

Your so beautiful!!! I wish I could sing like you.. 😳

Steffani Arrigo (@steffaniarrigo16)
steffaniarrigo1623:38 10.06.2015

😍😍 ugh I love you sooo much😍😍

👑べどードール👑 (@gisellebabydollface)
gisellebabydollface14:19 11.06.2015

Omfg 😍😍😍 I don't even know you and I love you you're voice is amazing and you're so gorgeous💕

Hope Onelangsy (@hope.onelangsy)
hope.onelangsy10:21 12.06.2015

do a full cover on youtube. 😍

Jamie Payne (@jamie.eva)
jamie.eva13:21 12.06.2015

That's what I was gonna say^ this is litteraly my favorite video you've posted, amazing.

Madi Johnson (@madisonjaade)
madisonjaade14:20 12.06.2015

I can't stop watching this😍

my Body. my Page. my Choice. (@_d.maris)
_d.maris21:56 12.06.2015

You're so perfect😍😩. Your voice is so amazing 😍😍☺️.

maritza🌊🕊 (@maritza.renee)
maritza.renee04:13 13.06.2015


maritza🌊🕊 (@maritza.renee)
maritza.renee04:13 13.06.2015


maritza🌊🕊 (@maritza.renee)
maritza.renee04:13 13.06.2015


maritza🌊🕊 (@maritza.renee)
maritza.renee04:14 13.06.2015

Perfectly on key you sound Lik sia 😍😍😍😍

Selly Marie (@mami_selena_gomez)
mami_selena_gomez11:27 13.06.2015


Kara Palmer (@karaaalynn_)
karaaalynn_12:37 13.06.2015


dianakharlanovaa01:19 15.06.2015


athenaaa😛💙 (@qveen.athenaaa)
qveen.athenaaa12:28 16.06.2015

Amazing like always

Jaqui Flores (@kingjaqui)
kingjaqui13:38 16.06.2015

💎Honestly your voice fits perfect in this song😻🎵🎤. Don't let people bring u down by who u are✋. U are amazing👌, beautiful😍😍,cool😎 and so many more I can't say them all😂. People are just jealous cuz they wanna be u😩. U are gifted 💯and u have a reason to be living in this earth. If anything happens to u I'll pray 🙏for u and I'll always be by your side🙌. Remember u are blessed💯🌸. U are perfect💯🔥 the way u are🌹👌, anyone who doesn't realize that is an idiot!😒 If anyone hasn't told u this today I'm here to tell u⏩➡ "I care, I need u and u do matter" ily Jade❤❇💎

ENAZOET🌸 (@enazoet)
enazoet03:37 18.06.2015

May i know what is the name of this song? ☺

lady kissha (@kisshaapadillaa)
kisshaapadillaa22:44 18.06.2015


lucie✨ (@luciaparisx)
luciaparisx12:03 22.06.2015

I can't stop listening to this beautiful! ❤️❤️❤️

💓Serena (@_s.serena)
_s.serena19:27 27.06.2015

Shes been my fav for awhile @lilly.82.yu

Kara Palmer (@karaaalynn_)
karaaalynn_11:24 30.06.2015

your better than sia OMG

Sydney (@s.nucci)
s.nucci01:47 03.07.2015

Your remind me of the girl from Pentatonix

likable flea (@shayda.y)
shayda.y19:18 03.07.2015

I've played this over too many times @e.mma14

Leah 🖤 (@leah_marie217)
leah_marie21722:20 03.07.2015


; katelyn (@katelymn)
katelymn02:42 06.07.2015

Oh.😍 My.😍 God.😍

😋😋tap In (@pimpassyanna.ddg)
pimpassyanna.ddg03:13 08.07.2015

Omg I been waiting to hear the cover and ur perfect

Sara :) (@sarraauh)
sarraauh23:44 10.07.2015

I'm speechless 😓😍

Michayla (@xtra.michayla)
xtra.michayla22:45 11.07.2015

Omg.. you are seriously the best singer I've ever heard. I know you probably hear this alot, but your amazing. Omg.😍😍

Michayla (@xtra.michayla)
xtra.michayla22:57 11.07.2015

And you think I'm good... @yo_masonn check out her amazing videos.😍

B (@bellapardoj)
bellapardoj22:42 27.07.2015

@leoritter1@clairemordann i swear im in love with her JUST LISTEN TO HER VIDS

Brittany Lee (@brittanyleeofficial)
brittanyleeofficial00:38 01.08.2015

Hey girl, how'd u curl your hair?

Jiselle Fuente (@jisifuen)
jisifuen17:20 11.08.2015


Jenna Rodriguez (@pr_princesssss)
pr_princesssss23:40 19.09.2015

You are gorgeous and have a beautiful voice 💖

🐊 ᴸᴼᵁᴵˢᴵᴬᴺᴬ 🌾 (@ayee.livie)
ayee.livie00:44 20.09.2015


blessed ✨•🇵🇭 (@shemxiah)
shemxiah18:00 23.09.2015

@planetxem i was humming to that song and then u tagged me

aud (@audrey.craffey)
audrey.craffey19:39 15.10.2015

@jenna_sylvester just wondering why I can't be her

Jiselle Fuente (@jisifuen)
jisifuen23:53 26.10.2015

Your so beautiful😱😖🔥

Steffani Arrigo (@steffaniarrigo16)
steffaniarrigo1623:29 21.11.2015

I wanna see a full cover of this one too!!!

Aymara Gaddi💞 (@aymara2k16)
aymara2k1602:08 30.11.2015

I can hear you sing this all day

Maiah Berkholtz (@maiahberkholtz)
maiahberkholtz12:38 06.12.2015

Do your hair more like this 😍

my Body. my Page. my Choice. (@_d.maris)
_d.maris18:51 12.12.2015

FORVEVER this I wish we could sing like this 😂😂😂 @victoryia._

Sara :) (@sarraauh)
sarraauh00:10 17.12.2015

I played this over and over and over. 😍 I could listen to it all day

riley (@riley._.lin)
riley._.lin15:45 31.12.2015

I think everything about this is legit goals, your voice, hair, face, outfit, EVERYTHING. you're so amazing 😍😍😍😍

my Body. my Page. my Choice. (@_d.maris)
_d.maris20:37 18.01.2016

Voice voice voice 😍😍😍 @victoryia._

Sasha (@sashakaczor)
sashakaczor17:41 26.02.2016

U are way too perfect 😢❣❣

Elma Omerovic (@elminorr)
elminorr22:27 22.03.2016

@sara.parker can we cry😍😍😍

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