Selena Gomez – #Fetish Out Now
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Tiffany (@tiff_taffalways)
tiff_taffalways04:23 20.09.17

@Selena  Gomez <--- Just realized I can't tag you, probably whats best.. Im sure you have millions of people/fans who post comments every second of you page. But what I wanted to say is you are such a beautiful person inside and out. I watched this TV special and I was in Waco when Hurricane Harvey hit Houston and my Hometown was hit head on by Hurricane Irma. If you have seen Siesta Key the MTV show (which is totally bs btw it is NOT 95 degrees year round) I was very moved by what you said. I actually was crying. You're awesome and I hope that you have a healthy, successful career with a beautiful soul like yours you absolutely deserve it. Stay strong, God Bless.

Tim (@tim_oltimate)
tim_oltimate04:36 20.09.17


sung kang (@sungkang7186)
sungkang718604:40 20.09.17

I love you

Andrew samwel (@andrewsamdraper)
andrewsamdraper05:09 20.09.17

Rose 🌹 (@321.rose)
321.rose05:10 20.09.17


lamur_azul05:14 20.09.17

I'm really pround of you and love what you are doing for people. Thank you! ❤️

Kasigwa Denis (@kasigwadenis)
kasigwadenis06:13 20.09.17

Thanks of that great thinking

15 (@shahirahramlan_)
shahirahramlan_06:13 20.09.17

You're so pretty

Bailey Evans (@bairenos097)
bairenos09706:24 20.09.17

Love ya and thank you for that really

Hottest Girls Collection 😍 (@hotgirlsunion)
hotgirlsunion06:43 20.09.17

☜ follow for hot girls

Manila, PH 🇵🇭 (@selenagomezpixx)
selenagomezpixx07:37 20.09.17

Thats what i love about you sg! Ilysm im your biggest fan! Ily ❤️

life is cool with love (@monika_one_of_a_kind)
monika_one_of_a_kind08:19 20.09.17

I willl

Doruk Mutaf (@dorukmutaf)
dorukmutaf08:24 20.09.17


Evie 🦄 (@eve.herzberg)
eve.herzberg08:33 20.09.17

@ariane_goudie  she's got my haircut lolol I'm gonna get my parting in the middle from now on

Саша Давлятшин (@sashadavliatshin007)
sashadavliatshin00708:34 20.09.17


Rose 🌹 (@321.rose)
321.rose08:35 20.09.17


Саша Давлятшин (@sashadavliatshin007)
sashadavliatshin00708:35 20.09.17

Я не сдамся

Вячеслав (@vyacheslav__polyakov)
vyacheslav__polyakov08:43 20.09.17


❤lou♛Potterhead♛XV❤ (@potterwxnd)
potterwxnd09:33 20.09.17

that almost made me cry,

Kimika (@kimika0328)
kimika032809:46 20.09.17

I love the fact you care so much and the story about the transplant is so beautiful😍😘❤

F E N N Y (@fen.yy)
fen.yy10:15 20.09.17

Good job !😍

K♤D (@natasza_slowak)
natasza_slowak10:43 20.09.17


elizaveta_pu10:47 20.09.17


Beautiful Earth (@the_beautiful_earth1)
the_beautiful_earth111:12 20.09.17


Mustahsan Sattar (@mustahsansattar)
mustahsansattar11:15 20.09.17

Pray for Burma Muslims they need your help please help my freind your freind mushi

Suraj Kumar (@surajkr.159)
surajkr.15911:17 20.09.17

Jaldi se Open kro isko... Free me 500 ka balance mil rha hain, tum b kar lo..... Mere number p to ho gya 500 ka.... only 2mint me...! 👉

MSS 📸 (@msssitumorang)
msssitumorang11:34 20.09.17


Komang Adhi Suriawan (@adhisuriawan)
adhisuriawan11:46 20.09.17


✌️Sara - J✌️ (@saraj4873)
saraj487311:48 20.09.17

Awwww ur soooo sweet and so cute too...may god bless u man and keep u happy through ur whole life 😊😊😊

FiZza🔥 (
fiz._.za11:49 20.09.17


sayyed_salma (@sayyed_salma)
sayyed_salma12:06 20.09.17


chatterboxplus (@chatterboxplus)
chatterboxplus12:25 20.09.17

❤️ #chatterboxplus 

danismith02x12:34 20.09.17


Саша Давлятшин (@sashadavliatshin007)
sashadavliatshin00713:02 20.09.17


Sandeep Kumar (@i_m_sandy._)
i_m_sandy._13:03 20.09.17

God job

Sandeep Kumar (@i_m_sandy._)
i_m_sandy._13:04 20.09.17  😊😊

Ishani Shukla 🐼 (@ishanishukla)
ishanishukla13:16 20.09.17

@sakshiyadav13  she is so nice

laxmi shukla (@laxmi6244)
laxmi624413:25 20.09.17

Good job

kdance.ig13:33 20.09.17


🌙 (
delal.sz14:19 20.09.17

Proud of youuuu😭❤💯

🌙 (
delal.sz14:19 20.09.17

Proud of youuuu😭❤💯

Laia Torras (@laia_torrass)
laia_torrass14:21 20.09.17


Doruk Mutaf (@dorukmutaf)
dorukmutaf14:25 20.09.17


reviewmonkey (@reviewmonkey)
reviewmonkey14:36 20.09.17


Conor McGregor (@mcgregorchampion)
mcgregorchampion14:45 20.09.17


Conor McGregor (@mcgregorchampion)
mcgregorchampion14:45 20.09.17


Mary1660 (@lavinia.a27)
lavinia.a2715:30 20.09.17


XxQueenSavagexX (@xxqueensavagexx1309)
xxqueensavagexx130915:40 20.09.17

We all will stick up for each other

!Toni Hernandez (@toni_hernandez90)
toni_hernandez9015:40 20.09.17


Sreejani Ghosh (@janny_with_love)
janny_with_love15:51 20.09.17

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Funny Content (@funnyinsta__officialfan)

Breathtaking one

🌸 Pabasara  Dissanayake 🌸 (@_.z_a_a_a_r_a._)
_.z_a_a_a_r_a._16:11 20.09.17

jessica__claire__16:12 20.09.17


Selena Gomez Videos (@vidselenas)
vidselenas16:17 20.09.17


Light (@lighttheglobe_)
lighttheglobe_16:38 20.09.17

Hey guys check out my page. it will just take a min.i post quotes abt motivation.thanks💕

☠ +.:Linnsan:.+ ♡ | 🇳🇴 1999 🙊 (@littlestpoohbear)
littlestpoohbear18:02 20.09.17

@quenlena  Selena is so fucking pretty!!!!!!!😬 I can't 😭💛

Crislaine Lupini (@c.lupini1)
c.lupini119:02 20.09.17


Fredy Hernández (@fredyhernandez148)
fredyhernandez14819:14 20.09.17

The best selena gomez

brooke (@ivybrookexoxo)
ivybrookexoxo19:21 20.09.17

Thank u selena

selenator — 💡👼🏻 (@selenasglowing)
selenasglowing20:24 20.09.17

baby. 💓

Shelby O'connor (@oconnorshelby06)
oconnorshelby0620:39 20.09.17

That shows true grit

Marcos Soares (@marcos_mineiro8)
marcos_mineiro820:48 20.09.17


tina (@st_kilda_)
st_kilda_21:08 20.09.17


arzoo💛 (@bby._arzoo)
bby._arzoo21:18 20.09.17

love youu💙

Jonathan Cardoso 💎 (@jonathancardosoglobal)
jonathancardosoglobal21:30 20.09.17

I love u so much dear 😍

jonathan brantley (@jonathanbrantl)
jonathanbrantl22:25 20.09.17

That Is so amzin

selenagomez ♡ (@bhadliar)
bhadliar23:35 20.09.17


selenagomez ♡ (@bhadliar)
bhadliar23:35 20.09.17


peay2 (@peay2)
peay223:57 20.09.17


manuel (@manuoficial.14)
manuoficial.1400:29 21.09.17



I love Selena Gomez, she is my queen and she is my childhood favorite person in the whole world, when she cries it makes me cry.

Explore_with_happiness (@smile.u.happily)
smile.u.happily01:13 21.09.17

I saw this on utube and for some reason I saw that it was a apple ad

yılmaz aslan (@yilmazaslan9096)
yilmazaslan909601:33 21.09.17

çok güzelsin

yılmaz aslan (@yilmazaslan9096)
yilmazaslan909601:34 21.09.17


Mustafa Caymaz (@caymazmustafa48)
caymazmustafa4801:54 21.09.17


Roozbeh Shokati (@roozbeh.sh95)
roozbeh.sh9502:26 21.09.17


zahraa (@zahraa__jb)
zahraa__jb03:22 21.09.17


Poriya (@poriya103)
poriya10303:34 21.09.17

i Loev you

Vhf. (@stars_vhf)
stars_vhf03:52 21.09.17


Saint Malika (@saint_malika)
saint_malika04:24 21.09.17


chenga lama (@chenga.lama_official)
chenga.lama_official05:03 21.09.17


Doruk Mutaf (@dorukmutaf)
dorukmutaf05:14 21.09.17


ISTP-A (@vsaxj)
vsaxj05:41 21.09.17

You are the best

Lorenzo Prato Idriss (@lore.idriss)
lore.idriss06:16 21.09.17


nαчdєlí 👽 (@naydeliberduo)
naydeliberduo06:31 21.09.17


👑 __Raees Khan __👑 رئیس 👑🔵 (@raees.khan.007)
raees.khan.00706:32 21.09.17


Саша Давлятшин (@sashadavliatshin007)
sashadavliatshin00707:08 21.09.17


Саша Давлятшин (@sashadavliatshin007)
sashadavliatshin00707:09 21.09.17

Ошибочка вышла 21135

HoneyCrispDigital (@honeycrispdigital)
honeycrispdigital08:10 21.09.17


_.lylab08:34 21.09.17

love of my life

dantie (@dbaaeee)
dbaaeee08:35 21.09.17

Roaa Ahmed (@roaaforreal)
roaaforreal08:50 21.09.17

Hand in hand💟💞💘💗💖💝💓💋💜💛💚💙

articaz_08:57 21.09.17


articaz_09:02 21.09.17


Maggie💫 (@maggie.meg._04)
maggie.meg._0409:17 21.09.17

Selena is really nice,but she can be rude and mean to her fans..😢

Moriel (@morrriieelll)
morrriieelll09:22 21.09.17


ivana mozzillo (@ivanamozzillo)
ivanamozzillo09:41 21.09.17


Eddie Pounds (@eddie.pounds)
eddie.pounds09:45 21.09.17


🔹️F O N S S I🔹️ (@fonssiorellana)
fonssiorellana10:08 21.09.17


Sharifah Sarah (@sarahalkaffff)
sarahalkaffff10:17 21.09.17

ily selena!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Connie (@ccmrn1)
ccmrn110:44 21.09.17

What a humble and truly caring and passionate individual you are👍😊. God bless you and your family🙏❤ @selenagomez 

N'☁ (@nhrzrl)
nhrzrl11:12 21.09.17


Komang Adhi Suriawan (@adhisuriawan)
adhisuriawan11:42 21.09.17


i am farha:-) (@farzanarahman2005)
farzanarahman200511:43 21.09.17

I love you girl

任啊任 (@serenaren24)
serenaren2411:52 21.09.17


💥BRANDON FOLLOWED💥 (@selena_selee)
selena_selee12:13 21.09.17


i Ɗ є ι ν ι J σ ѕ є  (@ideivijose)
ideivijose12:47 21.09.17

@selenagomez  🖤✨

William LaSalle (@lasallewilliam)
lasallewilliam12:58 21.09.17

You are so beautiful. Thank you for being who you are.

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